MP Rural Road Development


RST GROUP OF CONSTRUCTION deals in government projects related to MP Rural Road Development Authority. Our company is been working on Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna in Madhya Pradesh. We are constituently working on government Gram Sadak Yojna by occupying government tenders. The main goal from the PMGSY would be to offer Connection, by means of a good All-weather Street (with required culverts as well as cross-drainage constructions, that is working or operational through the entire year), towards the qualified unconnected Habitations within the countryside places.


What is Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna?

To implementation of Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojna in Madhya Pradesh, office known as Madhya Pradesh Rural Road Development Authority (registered below the Societies Act, hereafter known as the Authority) has been created. A Chief Officer from the I.A.S cadre heads the Authority. A hundred Project Implementation Units (PIUs) for 50 districts are grooved to co-ordinate the works dead by the contractors and supervised by the consultants. The PIUs square measure headed by General Managers World Health Organization square measure of the rank of Superintending/Executive Engineer. The Authority includes a General Body, that in chaired by the Chief Minister. This body lays down the policy tips and monitors the program.


There is associate degree sceptered Committee below the office of the cabinet minister. It’s accountable for observation the progress of the project. It additionally takes the monetary and body selections. The project proposals square measure scrutinized and sanctioned by this committee. It additionally accords final sanction to the master plan/core network of the State.


At the District level, the Program is planned, coordinated, and enforced through the PIUs. All PIUs square measure manned by competent technical personnel from amongst the out there workers or through deputations.


Master Plans square measure ready at the block level, that square measure later synchronal at the district level. They indicate the habitations and therefore the existing standing of road property, together with the projected new construction still as roads requiring up gradation. The District Master Plans therefore ready square measure subject to scrutiny to hit the foremost economical alignment of the roads. It additionally indicates the priority of roads to be obsessed for construction / up gradation in a very phased manner The Master Plans square measure approved by the organization of the various Zilla Panchayats, taking under consideration the views and suggestions of the native MLAs/MP. Thereafter, the District board offers approval to the program. For works to be obsessed every year betting on the priority, Project Proposals square measure ready and forwarded to the sceptered Committee for approval.


The State level sceptered Committee forwards the approved proposals to the Central Government for body sanction and unharness of funds. On clearance of the Project proposals by the Central Government, the relevant comes square measure dead by the PIUs and completed inside an amount of nine months. The well-established procedure for tendering, through competitive bidding, is followed for all comes. The comes square measure tendered in packages of applicable size (between Rs. one large integer to Rs. 5 crore).